General activities ...

The Foundation is administered by a Board of Directors consisting of scientists, lawyers, and financiers, and by an International Scientific Committee, composed of :

Mr. Daniel LALLIER, President

Mr. Alain PROCHIANTZ, Vice-President (Neurobiology)
Professor at the College de France, Paris, France

Mr. Josep CALL (Primatology)
Director Wolfgang Köhler Primate Research Center at Max-Planck-Institut, Leipzig, Germany

Mr. Laurent COHEN (Cognitive Neurosciences)
Professor at the Salpêtrière's Hospital , Paris, France

Mrs. Patrizia D’ETTORRE (Ethology)
Professor at the Paris 13 University, Villetaneuse, France

Mr. Vittorio GALLESE (Neurophysiology)
Professor at the University of Parma, Italy
Mr. Patrick HAGGARD ( Cognitive Neurosciences )
Professor at the University College London, United Kingdom

Mr. William F. HANKS (Cognitive Anthropology)
Professor at the University of California , Berkeley, USA

Mr. Carl KNAPPETT (Technology and History of Technics)
Professor at the University of Toronto, Canada

Mrs. Isabelle MANSUY (Neurobiology)
Professor at the University of Zürich, Switzerland

Mr. Michael PETRAGLIA (Prehistory and Human Paleontology)
Professor at the University of Oxford,United Kingdom

Mr. Carlo SEVERI (Anthropology)
Director of studies at the E.H.E.S.S., Paris, France

The latter is in charge of the scientific policy of the Foundation, of the launching of its programmes, of the scientific evaluation of the applications, of the assessment of the work supported by the Foundation, and the election of the recipient of the FYSSEN FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL PRIZE
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