Post Doctoral Study Grants, part 2

They are allocated for one year not renewable or for two years suject to examen of a scientific report at the end of first year to prove the good sequence of post-doctoral training period and progress of works.Application should be established according to a form to be obtained, each year, from the Foundation or from our website to which will be included :

  • the written acceptance from the inviting laboratory,
  • the testimonials of two senior scientists,
  • the curriculum vitae
  • the list of publications of the applicant, accepted in Reading Committees exclusively.

The only grant applications which will be taken into consideration are those strictly relevant to the aim of the Foundation and following the requested instructions :

Closing date = receipt of applications by the Foundation : march 31, 2011 at the latest

The completed file should be sent by mail in 14 copies to the Secretariat of the Foundation, 194, rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France, and presented, without any staples, in paper sub-folders (no plastic cover) numbered from 1 to 14 at the top right corner and marked out as follows on the cover page :
2011-2012 STUDY GRANTS


1. Letter of the inviting laboratory, original in the file Nº 1
2. Letters of two senior scientists, originals in the file Nº 1
3. Pages 1 and 2 of Form (No Form Available)
4. Scientific part, research project on separate sheets (5 pages maximum)
5. Page 4 of Form
6. Curriculum vitae
7. Publications : exclusively the list of articles published in reviews with Reading Committee and their agreement for publication.
8. Page 5 of form = Sheet-Summary Recto-verso
9. Attestation if doctoral thesis in the 2011 year or copy of the Ph.D.

To get further information, send an email to [email protected]